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Amethera, AREA 31

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   Amethera Outback Land Area #31 was bought directly from the Marcus Callender on July 12th 2006. The Land is a common property of Poltropia Society members, who have joined the LA2006 Project accomplished basing on a special for this purpose written statue.

   Management of the AREA 31 lays in PioHaw and Coover's hands. Most important decisions are made after Project members voting. Every year each member receives an amount of profit made by the Land equaling to his share hold in the Project.

   Since very begging the Land is habituated by almost the same mobs as well as the same low tax stays unchanged. Today Berycled and Merp maturity and density are lowered to minimum to make the Land open for miners. Recently MA/FPC added a new mob, Allophyl from old to provider. Since it is very peaceful mob it should not disturb your mining operations as well.

   Further ambitious investement plans for future are under discussion at the moment. We want to see every of our society members engaged and participating into a new project.

AREA 31 - Poltropia Society owned land area web page.

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