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   Very important part of our community used to be the IRC channel. We meet there every day. We share news and opinions and our moods even. This is a place where we find friends and where we make our community stronger. Now it is a past. When IRC channels were splitted and moved to a new servers evrything died and this was the end.

   #PE-Poland IRC channel channel was created by Posse. He was the first who spent his private time to take care about channel and it's functionality. There are also some more people who joined him and helped with his mission. Valmaris who helped with bot, LunarPL who care about order and coover who work every day to increase statistics ;).

   From the very start of the #PE-Poland also an idea to create channel related web page was born. Unfortunately even if everyone desired a web page, there was not enough time to finally create it. And again first who started was Posse. After short time others followed him leaving wives, girlfriends and families. Soon #PE-Poland web page has been created. A strongest part of PE-Poland was the first real polish forum related to Project Entropia where Valmaris was an administrator.

   After several months of successful existence we sufferd a disaster, whole forum databese was lost due to a hosting servers failure! Our community was without a forum for several weeks until a new person named Ateush appeard. He reopened a new forum, under old name, but with new rules and modern way of moderating it. He started it on his own servers, but a new forum has been accepted by a community very soon and home servers happend to be not enough to keep all traffic. Ateush, on his own expenses has supplied a proffesional hosting refusing to collect any charges form other participants. Domains of project-entropia.pl and projectuniverse.pl bought by him are a sign of a proffesional way of runnig this forum.

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